Tidewater Falls is located ~2.5 hours from Portland or Eugene, ~5.5 hours from Ashland or Seattle and ~10.5 hours from SF or Vancouver, BC. It is near the town of Tidewater, OR. Download Driving Directions PDF now!

Parking is onsite at Tidewater Falls, but the Welcome Center is still located offsite. Everyone must register offsite.

If you are coming from the south, we highly recommend stopping to refuel and for a snack at our favorite solar-powered Biofuels station, SeQuential Biofuels, located just off of I-5 in Eugene at 86714 McVay Highway, Exit 189 going southbound. It is the first all-biofuel and biofuel-blend fueling station in the nation. They offer biofuel and biofuel blends for every vehicle with no conversion required.

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If you are looking to join us in a bigger way and participate in the festival this year, please click on the appropriate application below and submit to be considered. Application deadlines vary and are listed on individual applications.

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