Beloved offers opportunities for many kinds of camping, from camping in your vehicle, camping next to your vehicle, walk-in camping and shuttle-in camping.  Due to the nature of our site and the number of patrons, all campsites are expected to remain within a 10’x10′ footprint.  We encourage the creation of group camps where one living/kitchen area is shared among several participants, get to know each other, create community!

Car Camping

At Beloved, car camping is considered camping in, or right next  to, your vehicle.  There are two lots for car camping, both are located in The Near Mosque: The Ringing Cedars and Gazebo.  These lots will be parked in a first come, first served manner.  If you have a strong preference to be placed in Gazebo Lot, then you should be prepared to purchase an Early Entry Pass and to arrive at the site when the gates open on Thursday.

Oversized Vehicles

Oversized vehicles will not be permitted in the car camping areas.  Vehicles over 20’ are considered oversized.  Vehicles over 32’ will not be permitted onto the festival grounds under any circumstances. All oversized vehicle parking will be in The Far Mosque and all oversized vehicles MUST purchase an Oversized Vehicle Pass.  If you arrive at the site with an oversized vehicle but you have not purchased the appropriate parking pass WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE YOU.  

If you are NOT driving to the event, you DO NOT NEED to purchase a parking pass. Check out our “Other Transportation” options below!


Get Involved

If you are looking to join us in a bigger way and participate in the festival this year, please click on the appropriate application below and submit to be considered. Application deadlines vary and are listed on individual applications.

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